Walking in vs. Making An Appointment

  • Making an appointment – This is the preferred method. As most good artists are busy sketching for projects are tattooing they aren’t usually just sitting around waiting for people to walk in, it is simply more courteous for you the client… Why?: Because that way you don’t have to walk in and wait for a long amount of time or “go find something to do for 2 hours” just to kill time. We value your time just as much as ours.
  • Walking in – Just fine for those moments you are nearby, see a shop and just curious or have been thinking about one for a while and have some questions you need answered or to look at portfolios. Artists like hearing the door swing open and people bustling about, it is the sign of a healthy studio with people who are interested in getting art!

Walking In To Get A Tattoo Right Away

  • Ok we aren’t making burgers here. Would you serve yourself and your skin any less? Schedule a consult and an appointment; it’s the preferred method for serious clients and artists who are into the art and not a quick buck/tattoo.
  • Artists that aren’t busy usually do have same day openings, so keep in mind there may be a reason for that.
  • Nine times out of ten the most regretted tattoo is the tattoo gotten on impulse. Shoes can be bought on impulse, hats can be bought on impulse… plastic surgery and tattoos should require more thought. After all good artists usually already have appointments and it isn’t fast food.. it’s art and it’s permanent!!


  • Emailing is good when your project isn’t time-sensitive and you can even send reference for the artist to grasp your idea.
  • Pitfall to email is technology: Did it go to the junk folder? Did it get to us at all? Always call after 24 hours of no e-mail response it usually means for whatever reason it did not make it to us!
  • Please do not use e-mail if your tattoo is time-sensitive… call us.

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