Consultation & Pricing


  • Come in! Giving a price over the phone would be equivalent to someone blindfolding us, holding a tattoo in front of us and asking us “how much?”
  • Sometimes it’s even hard when we see the artwork because it’s tough to know exactly how long a tattoo will take… it is art after all! But we will try our best to give you an idea of the time involved… sometimes we are off.
  • Our Shop is by far not the most expensive… but it isn’t the cheapest. The old adage “You get what you pay for” applies. It boils down to what are you worth? What is your artist worth? You want an artist who is worth putting something permanent on you!
  • Bigger tattoos can mean shorter sessions if you need, that way you pay as you go.

Leaving A Down Payment

  • Down payments are a great tool to compensate the artist for time spent on artwork or their time for appointments. It also serves as a tool for you to make certain you will get your artwork done.
  • Make sure you get a receipt listing your name, date, amount left and what the down payment is for. Leaving a down payment does not transfer copyright or ownership to the client; it is still the artist’s property. If you aren’t absolutely happy about the art you receive, please feel comfortable to communicate that with the artist so he or she can create something better tailored for you.

Good Art Takes Time to prepare

  • The more time we have to create your idea, the better it will be… ALWAYS. Besides more than likely if the artist is really good he/she will already be working on someone or busy with preparing for an appointment.
  • So if the artist needs time to prepare or draw your idea you must trust him or her no matter how badly you want it that minute.
  • If you are in a hurry and need it that second there are plenty of sales people in walk in street shops that are more than willing to make a quick buck off of you and watch you walk out within an hour.
  • By the way those tattoo shows that show the artist saying “cool give me ten minutes”, having the drawing ready and doing the tattoo within what looks to be minutes…. it’s called editing.

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