When are you open?

11am to 7pm Wednesday thru Saturday, Closed Sunday thru Tuesday for tattoos.


Removal and Cosmetics Specialists can still be found in the shop starting the week on Tuesdays 11 to 6 however.

What is your minimum?


Can it be cheaper if it's tiny?

Due to cost of operating and supplies, $50 is the fixed amount for anything to start and keep the place open.

Can you tattoo me today?

Generally small tattoos can be done as a walk-in, but it is always best to do a consult and schedule an appointment for bigger tattoos, see precision tattooing.

Do you pierce or sell jewelry?

We do not.

What does it cost?

Come into the shop. It’s free to get an estimate, and no obligation to get one.

New needles every time?

Every time.

Do you tattoo minors?

We do not.

Anything you won't do?


  • Piercings
  • Face Tattoos
  • Swastikas / Neo Nazi Tattoos / Racist Tattoos (yes we have to actually state this, even in this day and age)
  • Genitalia / Nether regions tattoos are on a case by case basis (high risk for infection)
  • Tattoo a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Tattoo minors
  • Copy other work

Where is the studio?

730 Albertson Pkwy Broussard, LA 70518