Finding An Artist

Finding An Artist

Use your phone or computer to seek an artist, but go to the shops in person, and don’t settle on the first or even on the first few, remember this is permanent and you need to do proper research. Once that tattoo is on you, it’s done.  Customer review apps never really give you the entire picture, because what satisfies some doesn’t satisfy others.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you looking for an amazing tattoo? If your first question will be “what’s your minimum?” You have already sold yourself out on getting the best option. Being price conscious is not a terrible thing, it’s just if you are basing your search off of that being your first goal you have already sunk before you can swim.

If your next focus is how soon can the artist or studio get you in, you really need to stop and think about what quality tattoo you are really trying to get. If you say to yourself you want it as cheap as possible and as fast as possible, you’re already setting the bar pretty low for your life time experience.

For more on this and what type of artists are out there go to Precision Tattooing, Worth The Wait.

Types Of Artists

  • Street Shop Artists – Will copy/do any image you bring in. Have flash images “too choose from” and usually are cheaper but less skilled, outcome is poor.
  • Custom Studio Artists – Won’t copy, stronger artistically will create unique works of art for you, and usually worth what they charge.

Look at Artist Portfolios

  • Look at portfolios, as many as you can to pick an artist.  It doesn’t require much work to see what quality of art is out there, and it makes you more sure that you are going to pick the right person for the job.
  • Make sure the artist does the style you are going for. For example you don’t want an artist to do tribal that has no tribal in his/her portfolio. You also don’t want a traditional artist to do realism. Simply look at the portfolio and ask yourself “Is this what I am going for?”.
  • To not do the above research will create an awkward situation for both you and the artist where he/she has to audition his/her work and style during what should be a fun consultation about your tattoo.   At the time of a consultation you should have already done your research by checking out portfolios and styles, and already sold yourself on the artist.

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