Tattoo Etiquette

Share Respect

Be On Time

  • Try your best to be on time to your consultation/ tattoo, and call/text the artist if you are running late. After 20 minutes it is up to your artist if rescheduling is in order, due to other projects/consults booked throughout a day.
  • Always try to give AT LEAST 24 hours notice if you know in advance you won’t be able to make your appointment.

Share Respect

  • Be mindful and respectful of the artist’s years of professional experience when talking about a design.
  • If the artist says something won’t work, it won’t work. Even if it’s something “you’ve seen in a picture” or “a friend of yours has”, keep in mind all artists are different, pictures are generally taken right after a tattoo is done, and there are many different levels of artists. You never see a picture of the tattoo a year later; also the artist may be envisioning something that will make you happier than what you saw.


  • A good artist respects and cares about your tattoo and his/her reputation as an artist, so by default the outcome of your tattoo is in the artist’s best interest.
  • Be smart, to push for things the artist says won’t work is not only working against the outcome of your tattoo, but also showing distrust of the artists extensive knowledge of tattoo design, which is a really bad precedent to set.
  • You picked the artists for a reason: his/her portfolio, so let go and trust them. Ego is not your amigo when it comes to tattoo design.

Being Cheap

  • Asking for a discount on a tattoo is like your boss trying to cut your paycheck for the amount of work you do. Also, be mindful no one really works for free… corners will be cut if an artist is desperate enough to do that.
  • Tattoos can always be broken up into sessions, and if you can’t afford even smaller sessions ask yourself if it’s the right time for something so permanent.


  • On rare occasion, during a consultation, the artist might decide that it’s not the best idea to be the one to do your tattoo. Please don’t be insulted by this. Maybe the artist is not feeling the idea matches with his/her style, or the vibe is off.
  • To do otherwise would be taking your money while they don’t believe in what they are doing; therefore there will be no heart in it. Artists that take on things that they don’t enjoy solely for profit often produce poor tattoos.


“Tattoo Attorneys”

  • It’s recommended not to bring friends to a consultation or a tattoo if you can help it. Your friend will always be your friend, but sometimes a friend can really hinder the process.
  • This is your tattoo, so this should be between you and your artist, so if you absolutely are so unsure that need the input of friends; it’s probably not the time to get a tattoo. The only person’s input that should count is yours and your artist’s.

Moral Support

  • New health codes are starting to dictate, your friend/significant other can’t be present with you and the artist during the process, and often even small tattoos can be an hour or two hour long process.
  • Inevitably your companion will get bored/antsy and you will feel bad/rushed, so if you can help it, come alone.



  • If you tan, don’t sunbathe or at least put on sunblock/cocoa butter a month prior to your tattoo appointment. If not, you could be arriving to your appointment for nothing if the artist can’t work with your skin due to UV damage. It does happen.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before/after, as it may thin your blood and therefore make the tattoo undo-able. Please get enough sleep before and eat before you tattoo.


Common Reasons

    1. Something came up, an emergency.
    2. Forgot appointment or have something else going on.
    3. Changed mind on getting a tattoo period, or decided on another artist or shop for whatever number of reasons.


There is a correct way to address all the above

  • Be courteous, show respect and communicate with the artist to let him/her know what is going on, even if you never intend on coming back or getting the tattoo you discussed with your artist, and preferably in advance so he or she hasn’t wasted his/her valuable time assuming you will hold up your end of the bargain.
  • It’s best not to leave ANY doors closed with ANY studio because artists can move, shops can change ownerships… for many reasons you may need to return to a shop or artist you flaked on and it’s best to avoid an awkward situation, don’t assume the artist is going to be “put off” or “insulted” because you aren’t getting the tattoo with him/her.
  • Over the years that the artist you like/love today may not be the artist you like/love tomorrow and vice versa. People change, and though there are lots of shops in our fair city there are only a few good ones.
  • At the end of the day we have bills just like everyone else and depend on appointments we make to pay them. We appreciate proper communication so that we can make adjustments in our appointments. Even if it means you have totally changed your mind, we will respect your honesty more than we would like our time being wasted.


  • It’s not expected, but if you felt your artist did a great job or better than what you expected, please do so. Artists rely solely on tattoos for income, and your artist will remember you for it when it comes to special considerations, such as scheduling and so forth.

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